I was born and raised in Chicago and currently still reside in Illinois.   Since the age of twelve I have been writing songs to positively impact the lives of others.   I have always enjoyed different genres of music since around the age of 6 when my parents brought home a stereo record player that had the 8-track player, Lol :)   I used to sit for hours daily in front of that record player listening to the 8-track cassettes and vinyl records with my gigantic headphones and turning from one station to the next trying to and always finding songs that sounded good to me.   The many years of listening put within me a unique ability to adapt to being able to write in many music styles, but I choose Christian and inspirational.

 Full Speed Ahead "   is my mental and verbal decree of faith concerning going after and bringing to pass my goals, visions and dreams for this year, I have written the vision and made it plain. 

I desire my music to be heard all over the world in different languages.  I will also be starting a non-profit  this year to do events that will inspire and bring hope to others.

One more thing about me is that I created and hosted for over 10 years a radio show called " The Johnnie O Gospel Show "  I was led by God to do this so that others could have a platform to encourage others through their testimony,music and writings that mentioned the good God had done or was doing in their life.    I did so many  interviews I have lost count, Lol, and even though it was hard doing everything alone that dealt with and especially  preparing the contents for the show and being there at 4:15 am in the morning, then afterwards going to my paying job,  I still greatly enjoyed doing it and so did the listeners and the guests I had on the show.  I interviewed authors, singers, musicians,playwriters, etc.

Some of the guests I had on the show included Shelia E, Papa San, Trin-i-tee 5:7,  Darius  Brooks, Melba Moore, Harpist Jeff Majors, Ann Nesby, Veronica Petrucci, Otis Clay, world renown pastor and television host Dan Willis, deitrick Haddon, Damita Haddon, Kim Stratton,  Mark Hubbard, Dwayne woods, Sharon Pulliam, Darnell Moore, MD Author and pastor Kenneth O'Neal, Cheryl Cooley,  Loren Michael Harris, Jackie DeSouza, Yarbrough and  Peoples, Calvin Bridges, Heather Leigh, Gospel  Group GiG, Tonier Cain and Trent G, who is one of the world's fastest rappers.  I would be all day if I wrote the names of all the guests I interviewed, all which blessed me and the listening audience. 

Because no one can be an island, although sometimes you may want to be because of the hurt some people have brought and can bring, you and me cannot be, so if there is anyway you may be able to help me in bringing my goals and visions to pass this year, do not be shy about enquiring to see if there is, so MESSAGE ME.   You may be able to help me and I may be able to help you in some shape, form or fasion to bring your goals, visions and dreams to pass.


My Song

" Swipe and Go "

would be great in commercials, as workout music and played on podcasts and radio platforms because I think you and others can certainly relate, so spread the word 🤣